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American Zubits Strong Magnetic Shoelaces

‧Save 70% of the time, simplify the process of wearing shoes and avoid tying shoelaces

‧Quick and easy operation, easy to put on and take off the shoe opening

‧The most powerful neodymium magnet in the world, permanent magnetic force, super heavy-duty

‧Condensed magnetic array technology, will not attract metal materials from the outside

‧Automatically align and close during adsorption

‧Waterproof and sealed, no chalking and corrosion

‧No more trouble with shoelaces knotting

‧Shoes can be taken off with your feet

‧Shoes can be reused

‧Practical and fashionable life accessories

‧American brand; American design


Brand Story Brand Story

In 2012, as the parents of three lively boys, Ryan and Ryan & Valerie Wiens (Ryan & Valerie Wiens) saw the children play around every day and felt that it would be more convenient.

The quick way to put on and take off your shoes will be a great boon for parents.

They found that for children, even devil felt sneakers still need some time to put on and take off. Sneakers that must be laced are not favored by children.

After that, the Wins and his wife were inspired by the characteristics of magnets and cooperated with a high-tech magnetic engineering company in California to successfully develop the Zubits magnetic portable shoelace buckle.

When Zubits was implemented as a finished product, they found the practicality and convenience of Zubits magnetic portable shoelace buckle, which is very suitable for children, adults and silver-haired people. And when the Wins and his wife distributed the prototype of Zubits to relatives and friends for trial, each trial participant gave it a high evaluation.

In 2014, Zubits magnetic portable shoelaces were launched on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform for the first time and received enthusiastic responses. In just one month, it has won the support of 7,200 supporters around the world, and successfully manufactured the practical Zubits magnetic portable shoelace buckle.

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