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Powerful screen cleaner

Especially designed to effectively clean mobile phones and other 3C screen products, after use, it looks as bright as new.

The special new formula forms an invisible protective layer after wiping, which greatly reduces dust, dirt, oil stains and fingerprints.

Applicable to all screens and electrical equipment (all mobile phones and technology products, etc.).

Use with exclusive W! microfiber wipes to avoid scratching the screen and surface.

It is odorless, does not contain any harmful substances, alcohol, ammonia, etc., and is absolutely safe and non-toxic.

Experiments have proved that it can effectively remove 99.99% of the screen surface dust, dirt, oil and other sticky substances.


Brand Story Brand Story

Jason Greenspan, the founder of WHOOSH!, established a company specializing in the sale of car cleaning products in 2011, and the company name WHOOSH is named after the sound of the brush when the car washes over the body.

The story begins on an ordinary day.

Jason accidentally tipped the deep cleansing liquid on the ipad, and found that the car cleansing liquid can also play a very good cleaning effect on the touch panel.

Because of the strong ingredients of the cleaner formula previously designed for cars, it is not suitable for high-tech products.

Therefore, they re-adjusted the composition of the cleaning fluid for high-tech peripheral products and added a nano antistatic formula that reduces fingerprint residues to be suitable for mirror products.

WHOOSH! Mirror cleaning liquid came into being.

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