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Monkey Business, Israel

‧Israel brand, Israeli creative design

‧Passed SGS certification, safe and non-toxic

‧Big transformation of everyday small objects, full of classical temperament

‧Vivid and interesting shapes add daily fun

Monkey Business型錄

Brand Story Brand Story

The creative design brand "Monkey Business" from Israel was founded in 1994. It is a team composed of the founder, Oded Friedland, who gathered up creative and talented young designers and professionals with rich experience in Israel.

"Monkey Business" is committed to injecting a unique sense of humor, creative design and interesting appearance into the items that are commonly seen in daily life and boring work, so that these casual office stationery and small household items can escape the established impression , To create extraordinary little fun in ordinary life, to make daily life alive, whether it is living or office space or even outdoors, you can enjoy beautiful creativity.

"Monkey Business" believes that the design does not need to spend a lot of money, and the appearance, practicality and durability can be combined. With this as the goal, it continues to create products that meet daily needs and provide beautiful gifts. I hope you will like "Monkey Business", just like we are enjoying creativity, creating a fun atmosphere, and creating a better life.

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