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Australia BeetBox Glass Lunch Box

‧Bold and fashionable outer cover with color matching and feather tempered glass

‧Patent isolation sealing film to prevent food splashing

‧With a thoughtful small inner cup, and a dipping sauce, etc. to make the meal more delicious

‧Each parts are easy to remove and clean, and can also be placed in the dishwasher tray for washing


‧Easy to clean without leaving stains

‧No aftertaste

‧Safe and non-toxic, does not release toxins such as bisphenol A

‧100% recyclable

‧Slots for lunch box sets, making it easier to carry tableware

Outer box size: width 20.2 x depth 7.5 x height 20.5 cm

Dimensions: diameter 20 x height 6.5 cm

Material: lunch box|tempered glass, sauce container|stainless steel, silicone

Cover|Anodized aluminum, silicone, polycarbonate (PC)


Capacity: lunch box|850ml, sauce container|40ml

Net weight: 575g

Beetbox 型錄

Brand Story Brand Story

Jamie Forsyth (Jamie Forsyth), one of the founders and designers of KeepCup coffee cups in Australia, has once again launched a reusable and easy-to-carry design-sensing lunch box after KeepCup has received widespread response- Australian BeetBox glass lunch box.

Continuing KeepCup's enthusiasm for environmental protection, Jamie feels that he can do other innovations for the environment.

Jamie felt that in addition to the garbage caused by taking out coffee, disposable lunch boxes for taking out food also brought a lot of burden to the environment.

With this belief, Jamie once again embarked on the road of design, by designing a reusable lunch box, using it with a happy and positive attitude, not only environmental protection, but also more health for himself.

BeetBox challenges users to prepare their own lunch boxes, whether it is a take-out meal or a healthy lunch.

Enjoy the warm meal prepared by your own hands, which is healthier, saves wallets and is environmentally friendly.

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