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Thailand Something Simple

Hand-made three bucket bag

‧Thai brand, handmade in Thailand

‧Easy to adjust the drawstring, slanting back, shoulder back, and hands can change the shape at will

‧The capacity is just right, light and easy to carry

‧With support, the bottom of the bag is not deformed

Product specifications:

Dimensions: width 22 × depth 22 × height 30 cm, portable length|13 cm,

Shoulder length|29cm, side length|44 cm

Material: cotton canvas, cotton rope, cotton strap, leather

Net weight: 270g

Warranty: Limited warranty for one year

Origin: Thailand

Something Simple型錄

Brand Story Brand Story

The story of Something Simple originated in 2013 and was founded by a pair of designer sisters who share the same passion and design taste.

The starting point of Something Simple's design is just as its name suggests, hoping to create personal accessories that reflect the lifestyle, thoughts and culture of this generation through a streamlined taste design.

Focusing on simple design and function, Something Simple's goal is to design a bag that will let everyone use it freely. The design focuses on natural materials, simple appearance and carefully selected color matching. The designer sisters hope that fans of bags can be self-confident, independent and unpretentious.

In the process of designing well-used bags to give users more freedom in life, the designer sisters received excellent feedback from users, and they were deeply inspired to implement this free style in all designs.

Providing consistent quality, caring service and product promise has become Something Simple's mission.

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