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American ChicoBag Duffel rePETe

Sohuo travel bag

‧Environmental protection, recycled materials account for about 60% of the total weight

‧Super 10 seconds storage ‧Large capacity, compact storage without taking up space

‧With three net bags inside, sorting small items for easy carrying and access

‧Suitable for outings, weekly breaks and overnight stays or going abroad

‧Adjustable length of comfortable shoulder strap

Size: Expand|48 × 30cm

Storage|20 × 18cm

Material: bag body|100% recycled PET PET bottle

Buckle|78% recycled aluminum

Zipper|Non-recycled material

Drawstring adjustment buckle|100% recycled nylon

Net weight of environmental protection bag: 275g

Place of Origin: Designed in the United States. made in China

0813 Travel Pack-90.jpg

ChicoBag Travel Pack rePETe

Soho Backpack

‧Environmental protection, recycled materials account for about 61% of the total weight

‧Super 10 second storage‧Large capacity 15 liters

‧The rear pocket can be placed in a bicycle-specific water bag

‧With adjustable fixed buckle ‧Multiple pockets, easy to sort items

‧Embossed recycled PET material

Size: Expand|44 × 24cm

Storage|15 × 20cm

Material: Tear-resistant fabric: 100% recycled PET

Shoulder, hand strap: 100% recycled PET

Breathable mesh: 100% recycled PET

Buckle: 100% recycled nylon

Buckle: 78% recycled aluminum

Zipper: non-recycled material

Net weight: 210g

Place of Origin: Designed in the United States. made in China


Brand Story Brand Story

Founder of Chico Bag-Andy Keller Andy. Keller was originally a technology upstart who couldn't match environmental protection. Feeling the burden of plastic bags on the environment, I resolutely invested in the research and development of various functional carry-on bags made of recycled materials in 2004; starting from the humanized design, the integrated storage bag with intimate buckle is ChicoBag Unchanging sign.

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