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Taiwan SabMatt

Puzzle hand made

-The materials from the sustainable forestry forest are presented in the beautiful original color of wood
-Precision die-cut parts can be assembled immediately without disassembly
-Important parts are fixed by wooden nails to strengthen the structure
-The parts can be removed and the whole series of models have passed the Taiwan Standard

European Union CE and American ASTM safety standard certification


Brand Story Brand Story

SabMatt is composed of a group of designers who love education. Through educational games and hand-made games, it inspires open thinking and unlimited creativity.

The starting point is to design learning aids in the early stage to develop children's flexibility, hand-eye coordination, visual perception and motor skills. In recent years, I have felt that the age of using 3C has fallen sharply, and the time for parent-child conversations has decreased.

It is hoped that through the texture of hand-made games, children and young people's cognition of the world and surroundings can be enhanced, and they can stimulate exploration, thinking and play in an unlimited way.

I also hope that grandparents or parents can increase emotional communication through companionship and assembly together, and enjoy the great satisfaction of making the model from nothing to each other.

Believing in the instincts of human hands and brains, it stimulates the five senses through the touch of logs.

I hope that everyone can temporarily put down 3C and return to simple and hand-made moments of interacting with others.

Our motto: Do the right thing & be honest to yourself. Do the right thing & be honest to yourself. The same is true for our products.

SabMatt's series of products are sold in many museums, educational institutions and high-quality toy stores around the world.

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