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Our latest KeepCup portable cup

Our latest products in 2020 and 2021

There are Christmas classic original cups, Clear light cups, stainless steel double-layer vacuum cups with thermal insulation effect, and elegant cork portable cups.


Series double vacuum KeepCup


The double-layer vacuum stainless steel bottle keeps the temperature of the drink without burning your hands.

Made of high-quality 18/8 stainless steel materials made in Korea.


Brand Story Brand Story

Since its launch in June 2009, KeepCup has become Australia's leading portable coffee cup brand, and is well-known in the coffee industry and sold in many coffee shops.

KeepCup founders Abigail and Jamie Forsyth originally ran a cultural coffee shop in Melbourne. They observed that consumers wanted to design a well-designed and practical portable coffee cup that met the standards of professional baristas because of a lack of choices.

"We have placed a big bet!" Taking practicality and aesthetics as the starting point of design, let the reusable KeepCup replace the disposable cup. People buy KeepCup because they want to do their best to protect the environment.

The reason why they continue to use KeepCup is because they fall in love with its unique color and practicality.

The purpose of KeepCup is to support and encourage people to change the way they take out and enjoy coffee. Many small behavior changes can make a significant difference.

A World Without Plastic Waste: Sea Shepherd and KeepCup

A World Without Plastic Waste: Sea Shepherd and KeepCup

Co-Brand Custom Print Service

We provide the screen printing service of KeepCup silicone cup ring and glass body, according to your favorite color or match your company's color configuration to create your own KeepCup portable cup.

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